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two metal pans filled with white and pink gravel sitting on top of a wall
Goat minerals: why, what, and how
a collage of photos with text overlay that reads crash course for first time goat owners
Crash Course for First Time Goat Owners
This is a MUST to help you get your feet under you when you start raising goats, amazing!!!
a menu for an event with flowers and leaves on the front page, including dates
Foraging must save! | Medicinal herbs garden, Medical herbs, Magickal herbs
a baby horse in a blue harness is being held up by a sign that says we got a new system for trimming horses
585K views · 16K reactions | Friends. When I say this was a game changer, I mean GAME CHANGER! Since I have wethers and haven’t kidded I don’t have a milking station which I know many use for trimming hooves. So we have been basically wrestling the goats for each trim (goats are freakishly strong for their size)…and it’s been NOT awesome. 🤣 So I was trying to find a solution when I came across these. This size holds up to 75lbs which is perfect because my biggest boy is under that. This fits even my smallest goat, Denver as well. When I tell you they were so relaxed, I mean SO RELAXED that two of them fell asleep. 😂 It’s linked in my storefront on the Goats list if you need one. 😂 . #gregschicks #goats #hooftrimming #hoofcare #notstupid #lifehacks #farmhack #keepitsimple | GregsChicks | pinnedoutproductions · Original audio
Goat Shelter with Culvertstairsand a ramp to the back porchRaised bedshay storage and hay feeder insideTin roof. Farm Animal Enclosures Diy, Easy Livestock Shelter, Goat House Out Of Pallets, Goat House Diy Simple, Lean To Goat Shelter, Goats Shelter Ideas, Goat Coop Ideas, Goat House Interior, Goat Houses Diy
Der Braunhaar-Trend fur Frauen: Ein Blick auf die angesagte Haarfarbe
Goat Shelter with Culvertstairsand a ramp to the back porchRaised bedshay storage and hay feeder insideTin roof.
the label shows an image of a goat's coat injections and other medical supplies
Giving Goats Injections Better Hens & Gardens
there are several bananas that have been cut in half and the text says, the supplement that your goats need to survive
Copper Bolus for Goats - The EASY Way! - The Organic Goat Lady
four white rain boots hanging from the side of a wooden wall
Make Your Day
a wooden box with wire in it sitting on gravel
Homemade Goat Feeders For Sale
a goat and some balls with the words dosage balls on it's side
How to Make Dosage Balls for Goats
a person holding some kind of rock with glasses on it's face and writing that reads about 3rd cut
Goat Hoof Trimming (it's easier than it looks)