The poison in my heart has always kept my fangs real sharp.
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a black and white drawing of a skeleton holding a book in front of a demonic demon
a man with long hair wearing a hat and holding a knife in his hand on a red background
dracula painting with blood splattered on the wall behind him and his name written in red
Classic Monsters
Classic Monsters on Behance
a painting of a purple monster with teeth and fangs
Lost In Santa Carla
the words nosfeau, a symphone of horror are in white lettering on a black background
Nosferatu (1922) [Silent Movie]
Nosferatu (1922) [Silent Movie] - YouTube
365 Days of Halloween
-do they, hmmm?
the night passed a night of vaque horrors - tortured dreams, written in black and white
a painting of a man holding a bat in front of a tree with blood splatters on it
a creepy looking man standing in front of a brick wall
Anno Dracula 1895 Seven Days in Mayhem – Cover Gallery
an old man sitting in front of a brick wall with his hands on the chest
Gerald Brom Art