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listen with ears of tolerance; see through eyes of compassion; speak with the language of love. - Rumi

Listen - with ears of tolerance See - Through the Eyes of Compassion Speak - with the language of love Rumi

I believe meditating on this and allowing it to open us up to change can prompt the empathy in one's self that they typically seek in others. With that, we are able to bless others instead of judge or criticize and in this, we bless our own self.

Learn to judge urself .we judge the reflection in the mirror n that's why we judge others when we see us in them.

Dr. Brené Brown #empathy

Power of Empathy - Dr. Brené Brown Love is knowing that what happens to you affects me. Feeling the pain, sadness or anger is an act of reclaiming our humanity.

Teaching empathy in the classroom and the role of the teacher. Rationale: Teachers play an important role in teaching empathy for social-emotional skills. Characteristic 15: Includes teacher information and plans for professional development and training that enhance effectiveness of instruction and student learning. Citation: Salmon, Sara. "Teaching Empathy: The PEACE Curriculum." Reclaiming Children & Youth 12.3 (2003): 167-73. Academic Search Premier. Web. 17 June 2016.

What is your role in teaching students empathy as a classroom teacher?

The Art of Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Distress Tolerance

The Art of Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Distress Tolerance - Radical Acceptance

Teaching diversity....this is AWESOME!!!

What is Diversity {Egg Activity for Martin Luther King Jr. Day} - Great Activity for young children to understand diversity and privilege.

Inspirational Quote for Life, Mistakes, Addiction and Recovery.

Inspirational Quote about Life, Addiction and Recovery: Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Story – It Will Inspire Others Do you have an inspiring or funny story to t