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Cinder block bench

13 DIY Patio Furniture Ideas that Are Simple and Cheap . Extra seating idea for parties too. (Diy Bench With Backs)

Don’t want to spend a lot of money on a sofa for your patio or garden? Consider making your own, using the photo above as a guide. You’ll need some cement blocks, cement paint, wood beams, a long cushion for seating and several smaller ones for back support. First, determine how long, high and deep you want your garden sofa to be. Take those measurements to your local garden center and locate some cement blocks with openings large enough to comfortably fit a four-by-four beams. If your sofa…

cinderblock and wood outdoor seating. DIY Paint patio concrete gray Paint background for behind bench. Use Tierney's patio furniture (paint as well) Outdoor rug Cushion and outdoor pillows

toilet and shower at a village - Google Search

outdoor shower, corrugated metal - Could almost get away with one of these instead of trying to fit it into the inside bathroom. For a few months in "winter" it would be a bit chilly but still--fairly practical.

An outdoor shower- I love that in Long Beach on Long Island- so many people have outdoors showers there-great way to wrap up the day at the beach or hiking the meandering trails..

Idea for outdoor shower, minus the roof. Garden shed or place to hide garbage cans.