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some colorful stars hanging from the side of a window
Wood and Paper Stars
a piece of art that has been altered to look like it is holding a painting
"Mama at the Crossroads" by Lyn Belisle 2015 encaustic, earthenware, found objects -
a miniature model of a house on top of a rock
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a bird sitting on top of a metal door with a ring hanging from it's side
rough luxe
Michele Renée Ledoux Portfolios
an old photo frame with some flowers in it
used to make these and they sold well
a piece of art made out of old newspaper with writing on it and some scissors
Collage art--test tubes by Rebecca Sower, via Flickr
an old wooden box with insect drawings on it and measuring tape in front of it
Junk Drawer Series 3
"Home Builders Association" by Kathy Moore, a Bee assemblage from her Junk Drawer Series #3
an altered photograph of a man's head and other items in a wooden frame
Jules Arthur
Jules Arthur. The common thread within the diverse themes of his canvases is the portrayal of the human condition as experienced by individual personalities, framed by his art at the instant of poignancy. His works reveal personal moments of pride and introspection, of struggle and triumph. The result is sometimes touched by a haunting sense of despair, but far more often Jules shows us hardship yielding to internal beauty, dignity, uplift and hope.
a clock with an image of a woman on it
julie liger-belair, poseidon (sardine saints and dustpan gods)
a small green clock tower on top of a table next to a white wall with a wooden door
eurydice 2
eurydice 2 | by julie lili
an old wooden shelf with pictures on it
an image of a man with flowers on his head and another painting in the background
husband, julie liger-belair #art #vintagephotos
an art piece is hanging on the wall
American Antiques – David Schorsch & Eileen Smiles – Sellers of Fine Art & Antiques
Dwelling in Time, Sculptural Assemblages by John Sideli,” at our Woodbury, Connecticut gallery from October 4-December 29, 2014