jim darling airplane window paintings

Airplane Window paintings by Jim Darling. Aerial views of landscapes from airplane windows. i want to use finger print if I use this idea because the shape fits perfectly with that of the aero plane window

Ron Gilad, Facade No. 10

Ron Gilad takes us on a tour of his new show at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Antony Gormley

Steel block sculpture, stacked and propped with an architectural approach to construction // Prop II, Antony Gormley


Guda Koster’s Surreal Photography

guda-koster surreal fabric fashion art go alice polka dot up it'll soon be spring

Xavier Veilhan (France)

Low Polygon Sculptures by Xavier Veilhan

Antony Gormley

antony gormley aperture X, 2010 3 mm square section mild steel bar 189 x x 29 cm An interesting interpretation of what can make up a human, and how we only need a base outline or structure to perceive a figure.

Johnson Tsang

Johnson Tsang porcelain babies are several different chubby, whimsical and just plain weird sculptures by Hong Kong artist Johnson Tsang.

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Nike’s Swoosh Invades The Elevated Realm Of 18th & 19th Century Paintings | Yatzer

Nike’s Swoosh Invades The Elevated Realm Of 18th & 19th Century Paintings

Flagellation de Notre Seigneur Jesus Christ/The Scourging of our Lord Jesus Christ by William Bouguereau Oil on canvas, 1880 212 x 309 cm x Cathedral of La Rochelle (La Rochelle, France)