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a drawing of a godzilla with green eyes and large teeth, standing in front of a gray background
[SKETCH/REQUEST]Frankzilla by plaguebr on DeviantArt
[SKETCH/REQUEST]Frankzilla by plaguebr
a large black godzilla standing next to a red and blue object in the air with it's mouth open
a dragon with purple and red colors on it's body, standing in front of a
Traitorous Dragon Azoreaper. , Nezt Oss
ArtStation - Traitorous Dragon Azoreaper.
godzilla evolution is shown in this image
a large dragon with blue eyes standing on top of a hill in front of some clouds
a drawing of a red and black dragon
a large blue dragon sitting on top of a rock
the concept art for godzilla, which is based on an old movie character's body