Calla lily valley in the Big Sur of California • photo: Yan Photography

My mom loved calla lilies. And she always said calla lily is an old Hollywood Accent. So of course, when I see them I do the same thing. :) Credit: Calla Lily Valley, Big Sur (By Yan Photography)

So delicate

Flower so pretty "Dreamy Blossom" ©Zoe Power lovely

Double Tulip, flowers, things I need

Tulipa 'Black Hero' - Heather Edwards Flower Photography via flowerona

frozen rose

This reminds me of one red rose I had blooming out of 3 feet of snow by my lamp post when I lived on Long Island.My grandma always said it meant something -) It didn't have any frost on it was a fresh red rose -)


Flor de abricó-de-macaco by Marco BR Cannonball tree flower?


I finally found the name of this plant - Lysimachia clethroides. bloomingwhite by

Pretty Cosmos

or is it Japanese anenome?a super easy wildflower to grow and adds great color to the yard. It's especially good to plant in areas where it's hard to mow or plant anything else.

Soothing Raindrops

summer showers on cone flowers

~~Deep Red Pollen by Handy Andy Pandy Photography~~

Dreamy white flowers with deep red pollen Flower Necklace Tutorial Flower arrangement

.love the yellow..

:D felt Felt Japanese matchbox label Pretty flowers, perfect garden.

Bleeding Tooth Fungus (Hydnellum peckii) ~ By Peter Tresch

Bleeding Tooth Fungus (Hydnellum peckii) by Peter Tresch

Rare egret flower. Gleaming white, exquisite flowers that look like exotic, fringed birds in flight. Grown from small, pea-sized corms.

White egret orchid (Habenaria radiata) is a species of orchid endemic to China, Japan, Korea and Russia. Named for its resemblance to the bird, It is also known as the White Egret Flower, Fringed Orchid or Sagiso.

Orange Cream Dahlias

Dahlias of Butchart Gardens

Orange Cream Dahlias Beautiful One of the coolest hybrids I have seen in a bit. Love the look, Dahlias are gorgeous flowers, now that I think about it, I have never seen an ugly flower that I can recall.

~~by Amanda Roberts ~ daisies~~

Gladiola Blossoms

Gladiola Blossoms by Bruce Bley - Gladiola Blossoms Photograph - Gladiola Blossoms Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Bottlebrush Kunzea

Stunning Red and white Australian native plant Bottlebrush (Kunzea baxteri) Scarlet Kunzea