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Ace Hotel Portland, Portland, 2007 - Atelier Ace

Ace Hotel, Portland {memory of a rainy late morning spent curled up in the left corner, talking with a friend and drinking a perfect Stumptown coffee. Thank you, Alex Calderwood for creating this place.

Evolution Door

Klemens Torggler is an Austrian designer and artist who is looking to reinvent the door using two rotating squares. Available in fabric, metal, and glass variants, the "Evolution" door uses hinges to achieve an origami-like fold rather than a track.

this has a reference to box sculptures in my opinion, this picture also represents balance, shape and rhythm through its shape.

Part of a series of studies proposing new architectural surfaces. This is a grid of nested hexagons with linework radiating from the center of each module. It was designed, drawn and fabricated digitally. The material is mdf milled with a CNC router.