Gauthier Durey, ‘Landscape urbanism interpretive mapping’, 2015, Digital collage.

<Interesting way to incorporate context to plans, could be useful for historical context> Gauthier Durey, ‘Landscape urbanism interpretive mapping’, Digital collage.

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Josh Frank, USF School of Architecture, Class of 2015 Design “City-Matrix Interpretation Graphic” - Fall Professor Steve Cooke Graphite on Bristol

Metabolism of Albania: Urban Metabolic Strategy by FABRICations. Metabolic - Flows - Urbanism - Urban Strategy - Resilient System - Urbanization - Map - Maps - Development - Draw - Food - Water - Energy - Tourism - Diagram - Sustainability - Opportunities - Large Scale - Architecture

Client: iabr/UP, National Territorial Planning Agency of Albania (AKPT),Year: AlbaniaProgram: Sustainable economic development model for Next Generation Albania, based on urban metabolism as a frame for an open planning approach.