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Hello Jimmy Choo’s. These Cosmic platform patent leather pumps are so comfortable that I actually prefer wearing them at daytime events than opting for a lower heel. I am absolutely a Jimmy Choo fan.


A turtleneck dress is a purely winter garment that makes sure that you look elegant, cozy and super stylish.


awesome Black or White ? The Sophisticated Nail Polish Dilemma Solved , [br] The sophisticated nail polish dilemma regarding black or white is solved by using both in an inspiring, kind of effortless, way! The Fall Wint.

The Blooming of Madness poem #111 written by Christopher Poindexter

We know so perfectly how to give birth to the monsters inside of us, but for reasons I will never figure out, we have not the slightest clue of what to do with all the love ~ Christopher Poindexter (The Blooming of Madness poem