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"내 친구를 소개할께요"

sharing secrets with your best friend.

A young girl cradling her kitty, she is so beautiful, I would love to hold her along with her kitten.

Asia - Philippines / Leyte - girl cradling her kitty

So you're saying humans doggy paddle too?

I LOVE this one and it is so TRUE. But, I think I love my fur babies as much as they do me.

Beautiful portrait by Elena Shumilova

Russian mom, Elena Shumilova, captures family, farm life in beautiful photos. I'm a sucker for kids and their dogs.

Poochie Coochie!

A Dalmatian kiss. Liver-spotted Dalmatian kissing a toddler on the beach.-i miss my dalmatians we had growing up

So cute!!

Russian Photographer Elena Karneeva Captures Children And Animals Cuddling In Cute Photoshoots

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Imagem relacionada

DIEN HOA VAT LIEU - Tìm với Google

DIEN HOA VAT LIEU - Tìm với Google

Friendship..It’s beyond them.

Autumn lake (by Elena Shumilova Photography)

I created this as a reference for myself while practicing profiles and I thought somebody might find it useful. The numbers are the actual measurements in centimeters. Drawn in graphite on sketch p...

Face Proportions and Measurements Facial Features Drawing Adult: