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harley queen of hearts - contest entry by *nightwing1975 on deviantART

i decided to do this piece for the 'harley quinn artist battle' which you can find out more about here [link] i am a huge fan of batman the animated ser. harley queen of hearts - contest entry

occhidimenta:  “La passione tinge dei propri colori tutto ciò che tocca.” ( Baltasar Gracián)

cindersk: “ Kiss me a song Whisper me a melody Touch me a sonata Sigh me a symphony Growl me an aria Love me a lullaby Fill my heart with music Set my soul free to fly.

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad. She has a heart tattoo and it looks like the one below it says "Rotten." Right cheek.

Pinning this every. Even with the second trailer my favorite Harley moment so far is that grin on her face when she says "i hope you got insurance!" GAHHH I CANT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE

Suicide Squad trailer screenshots

‘Suicide Squad’ Margot Robbie’s Reaction is.: ‘Suicide Squad’ Margot Robbie’s Reaction is Epic After Seeing Harley Quinn…

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn strips to her underwear in Sucide Squad trailer

New Footage of 'Suicide Squad' Shows off the Joker, Harley Quinn and Batman : The latest trailer of the highly-anticipated Suicide Squad aired during the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, and offered a new sneak peek at the gritty super-vi.