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a man standing under a wooden structure with solar panels on it's roof,
the plans for an outdoor pavilion and gazebo are shown in black and white,
National Park Service:Park Structures and Facilities (Shelters and Recreation Buildings)
National Park Service:Park Structures and Facilities (Shelters and Recreation Buildings)
a wooden bench sitting on top of a sidewalk
a close up view of the side of a wooden structure
Joinery - Kenai Timber Frames
Joinery - Kenai Timber Frames
an unfinished wooden structure in the woods
Thanks to Moresun Timber Frames for sharing these pics - The Timber Framers Guild project in Alabama is coming along despite several days of torrential downpours. The 30'x90' community center is slated for being raised by the 16th. The timbers were sourced, cut, and milled on site. These pictures are courtesy of Kyle Murphy from Acorn Timber Frames.
an image of a wooden structure that is being built
Build your perfect outdoor pavilion without the hassle. Our 14x18 King Post Pavilion Kit is Ready-to-Raise™, designed for easy and quick assembly. Our kits include accurately pre-cut timbers, labels for quick identification, solid fasteners, and detailed construction drawings. #SimpleAssembly #TimberFrameHQ Learn more in our bio! https://tfhq.link/01m
a wooden structure with an arrow pointing to the top
Houtverbindingen houten paal inkepen
a wooden structure with metal studs on the sides and wood beams attached to it
Truss parallel cord
a wooden structure sitting on top of a lush green field
Made in Oak, About Us
a man is building a house out of wood
some people are building a wooden structure in the yard
Community Cob Oven Project - Denmark Farm Conservation Centre
Building a roundwood timber framed shelter for the cob oven at Denmark Farm