Embroidery hoop + pillowcase = always open laundry bag.

Ever-Open Laundry Bag—really good idea. A hanging laundry bag saves floor space, but you have to wrestle with the drawstring to deposit dirty clothes. Have it both ways when you prop it open with a large embroidery hoop (at least Martha Stewart


Looking at this charming bathroom with a creative twist, a bicycle sink. Would you ever use a bike and transform it into a bicycle sink in your bathroom? I think the black & white tile floor and b

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds for kids that don't look like hell. The bunk beds. Not the kids. The bunk beds don't look like hell.


firewood storage and creative firewood rack ideas for indoor. Lots of great building tutorials and DIY-friendly inspirations!

Convertible Wooden Furniture - The MK1 Transforming Coffee Table by Duffy London is Versatile (GALLERY)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Convertible Wooden Furniture

The interesting wooden table tranformation style is intersting. Convertible Wooden Furniture - The Transforming Coffee Table by Duffy London is Versatile (GALLERY)

The Color Wheel: Your Guide to Choosing Perfect Paint Schemes

The Color Wheel: Your Guide to Choosing Perfect Paint Schemes

Concrete Tub: peppermags: Interior: Concrete Bathroom

This amazing Concrete Bathtub makes a real statement. The rawness of the concrete compared to the modern decor makes the tub the main emphasis of the bathroom.

Forget your marble, granite and slate—deck your walls with decks—we’re talking about Art of Board’s recycled skateboard decks. Dedicated to pushing stylish and functional design toward a sustainable future, while also preserving and paying homage to the sport and the graphic art that adorns each deck, Art of Board’s tiles are here to help you create a colorful, cool and eco-chic mega masterpiece mosaic.

This undated publicity image provided by Art of Board shows a sink backsplash made with “skate tile," and hand cut from recycled skate decks in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Art of Board, Tara Wujcik)