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a map with states labeled in red and white, including the united states abbreviations
Mid West United States - 4th Grade Social Studies Guide
Mid West United States Capitals and Abbreviations Worksheet
Learn with Camera Math! Amazing fraction trick💯 #mathtrick #fraction #exam #psat
the free snowman coloring page is shown with colored pencils and markers on it
Snowmen Coloring Pages
Find a cute range of free snowmen and other winter coloring pages over in our club - ready to print and color this winter. Use with pencisl, crayons, markers or paint! Find detailed info on how easy it is to join our club with just your email, on the info page.
the printable worksheet for chromboot shortcuts
Ann Brucker on X
a printable game with words that say, cheap class reward and other things to do
How to Reward Your Class Almost for Free - Grade School Giggles
Comics, Kids, Young Adult, Icon, Defiant, Hilarious, Student, Comic Artist, Life
Strategies for Kids with Oppositional Behaviors
a page from the book rhyming take out the trash, which is written in black and white
All About Rhyming {freebies included}
Little Minds at Work: All About Rhyming {freebies included}
christmas lights sight word book with a tree and presents on the bottom, in front of it
Christmas Sight Word Book with a FREEBIE - Kindergarten
the 50 absolutely free student reward list is shown in black and white with text that reads,
50 Student Rewards That Don't Cost a Thing
Teaching In The Fast Lane: 50 Student Rewards That Don't Cost a Thing
sight word mats with the words look on them
The Best Sight Word Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten
These sight word activity mats provide many ways to practice and learn sight words. More than just playdough mats, these mats are an interactive tool that includes writing words, building words, finding words in sentences....your kids will love this learning activity. Dolch primer, Dolch pre-primer, and Fry sight word lists are available. These no-prep printables are perfect word work activities for older preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten classroom or struggling readers. #sightwords
sight word practice for kindergarten printables and ideas to help students learn sight words
Sight Word Practice! - Miss Kindergarten
Tons of ideas for teaching sight words!
the printable worksheets are on top of each other
Absolutely Free Sight Word Mega Bundle
Free sight word mega bundle!! It includes over 75 pages of games, practice sheets, playdough mats and more.
the 10 best ipad apps for reading, with an image of a boy standing in front of
Top Reading Apps for Kindergarten through Second Grade
Grab a printable list of the best ipad apps to share with parents. These apps are perfect for the classroom, too!
a cross made out of yellow paper with the word abc and m on it
Friday Freebie: Word Work - at Word Family
Word Family Slider - make it with digraphs and tricky spellings and a recording sheet!
two pieces of paper sitting on top of each other with the letters b and u cut out
Onset and Rime Flip Book (5 Fun Activity Ideas & Easy Prep)
Onset and Rime Flip Book - NoodleNook.Net
three sheets of lined paper on top of each other with the words school lined paper written in
Printable Lined Paper - PRINT FREE Every Lined Paper You Could Ever Want!
With several school-age kids between us, and different teachers with different requirements, Bettijo and I have created quite an impressive collection of printable lined school paper. Perhaps your ...
a facebook page with the words free vs paid sites and other things to do on it
Resources 4 Learning
a sign that says phonics tip of the week k takes i and e
Rules for when to use K or C :) I always wondered!! (I'm loving learning about the Orton-Gillingham approach!)
sight word worksheet for beginning and ending sounds with pictures on the front page
Primary Press
Mrs. Plant's Press: sight words FREE!!! 20 pages of activities!
two cardboard boxes filled with books on top of a bed
Boxed Children's Books
You can order a box of books from this site for $12.99. They will range from toddler to young adult books. Each box contains approximately 150 books (give or take). You can also order more age/grade specific books, but it costs a bit more. There is now an advisory on their site that due to high demand, boxes may not ship for up to 5 weeks, but for $12.99, that's a small price to pay :)
colorful shower curtains are hanging on the wall
Classroom Organization Ideas & Tips
boarders classroom organizing ~ lots of classroom organization tips
a woman wearing glasses making the vulcan sign with her hand and saying, magic fingers
efficientlifeskills.com is coming soon
How To Teach A 6-Year-Old To Tie Shoes In 5 Minutes! Previous pinner wrote, "This is amazing! This is crazy. I just tried it. I've been sitting here tying my shoe over and over in disbelief. LOL"
a close up of a piece of paper with writing on it and a red bow
Didn't Win the Giveaway? Freebie for Everyone!
FREE customizable lesson plan. Save in word...and you can customize!
the words getting ready for kindergartaten are in front of some apples
how to prepare your child for kindergarten -- summertime prep
how to prepare your child for kindergarten --
the parent - teacher conference is an important event for parents and their children
Parent-Teacher Conferences: Ideas & Freebies
Parent-Teacher Conferences: Ideas & Freebies
the wheel of fortune is shown in this graphic
101 Websites That Every Elementary Teacher Should Know About
there are many pictures of children playing with sight words
10 Ways to Learn Sight Words Through Play!
Sight Word Fun!
lined paper with red lines on it
Printable Paper
Ooo, this could come in handy! This website offers 830 paper templates for download. It has anything from regular lined paper to yahtzee score sheet to music paper.
a book shelf filled with books and binders on top of a carpeted floor
dandelions and dragonflies
blog from a super organized teacher.
a pink and black book cover with the words,'kindergartn assignment bindr
Common Core Classrooms
Kindergarten Data Assessment Binder: Organize your beginning, middle & end of year assessments
a clock with different time zones and numbers on it's display, which shows the current temperature
Teachers Have Sensory Needs Too
TooLoud! app - Hook your iPad to your SmartBoard so students can visually see and manage their noise levels.
a coloring page with words that say,'no mistakes are proof that you are trying
Quote Coloring Pages
all quotes coloring pages
four different color chevroned paper with monogrammed circles and the word monogrammed
Monogram and Chevron = Teacher Heaven
Free Chevron Monogrammed Binder Covers (editable!)
an image of a very cute ladybug balloon decoration on the facebook page for someone's birthday
Gardening | ehow
Hungry Caterpillar Decorations.
an image of a cell phone with flash cards on it
FlashCard Apps for multiplication, division, addition and subtraction
a poster with the words hypbole written in english and an image of cartoon characters
a poster with an image of different types of animals and the words smile on it
a poster with some words on it that say idioms and other things in english
Idioms Poster
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table next to a notepad
Sight Word Assessment (freebie)
Sight word assessment. Words are typed into a power point so the kids don't get overwhelmed by the long list.
an image of a paper clip being used on the phone screen to record someone's work
Kids can bind the books they make with a hole punch, rubber band, and paper clip -- way more fun than stapling!
two children are cooking together with the words teaching pin additt in front of them
An addicted pinterest teacher's dream site! :) It has everything organized into categories!!! Love it!!
Apps arranged by IEP Goals School Psychology, Education, Educational Technology, Educational Apps, Apps For Teachers, School Resources
Apps arranged by IEP Goals
an open book with two pages and the words, farm of speech form on it
Parts of Speech Poem
the 2012 - 2013 school year calendars are shown in pink and green with black lettering
Teacher Binder and More Teacher Organization Freebies!
Must print for teacher binder!
the printable worksheet is shown with numbers and letters on it, as well as
Preschool Assessments
preschool evaluation guide
two sheets of paper with red and white writing on them, one has the words to write
Classroom Management - I like the wording of each misbehavior.
there are many framed pictures on the wall in this office building that says, i am the business of being awesome
Do you have the desire to inspire? {Subway Art}
AMAZING classroom!