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coffie table
De ladrillo
OH.  My.  GOSH...  A birch tree stump table...  Perfection.
Wooden Crate Bookcase - "build" them double high and use them in the living room for books and knick knacks.
Crate Coffee Table. Love how versatile this coffee table is. It is easily moved due to the locking wheels, also it serves as a great little storage space. You can also change out the center piece, whether it be flowers, potpourri, or Holiday decorations.
movie room decorations | Stylish and Fascinating Movies Room Decor Charming Media Room Design ...
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ana white loft bed | ... Boy Toddler Loft Bed! | Do It Yourself Home Projects from Ana White
DIY loft bed with different options
lion  lion art  print  SCAR FACE  narnia judah aslan by lewfoster, $15.00