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Mine would be an inferior snack today FT xxx or, "zombie's eat brains, so I think it's safe to say you're not in any danger.

Funny Quote Coffee Mug, Large Painted Coffee Mug, Coffe Lovers Coffee Mug, White Coffee Mug by JustABrushAndPaint on Etsy

Set the record straight about decaf coffee with this funny, hand painted, large quote coffee mug! It features the saying I laugh in the face of decaf. The quote is written in black with a ceramic specific paint pen on a white 16 ounce porcelain coffee mug

Bearded elemental fire, elemental water, elemental wind, pegasus, pure white, wild, dark, or imaginary?

What Type Of Unicorn Are You?

Me everyday ahahahahaha

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It's Friday

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Ever since I found out, I haven't been able to take the Face seriously.

When it was revealed that Captain Jack Harkness was The Face of Boe, my heart skipped a beat, I gasped, and just Loved the show even more.

We don't deserve Wentworth Miller. Spoilers ahead!

For Everyone Obsessed With Captain Cold From "Legends Of Tomorrow"

"But if you watch the show, you probably come back week after week basically because of one person: Wentworth Miller aka Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold." -----and for Dominic Purcell ❤

That's why I call it a LIFE style change instead of a DIET.  Then it's a LIE without the F.

Ugh, dieting is tough. Read about the 3 most common dieting mistakes we all make and side step them to successful weight loss and healthy change!