on its way to "could-be" nautical, but i like the mix of black & white electrics.

For the illusion of a bigger room an open space is ideal small close kitchens sure can be cozy and fulfill your needs as well!

Creative Counter Space...under the silverware drawer, remove that storage area, instead of a pullout table, we could add a pull out garbage can...therefore eliminating the bulkiness of the one we have. then, we could utilize the area above the microwave for pots and pans...the ones mom doesn't cook with regularly

Custom Touches for Small Kitchens

Creative Counter Space for a small kitchen. Here, a rolling cart tucks neatly into this island to offer additional workspace as needed. The cart can be wheeled throughout the kitchen to give multiple cooks room for meal prep and staging.

I'm thrilled to show you Ben Barthell's 200 sq. ft. solar off grid tiny house that he built himself on a recycled 24' x 8.5' trailer (so yes- it's mobile). This DIY micro cabin has all of the ameni...

Steely Cottage: An off-grid tiny house in New Mexico. Built by Shopdog. - this is such a good idea. There is always so much wasted space above the cabinets.