Amazing watermarble nails using Pure Color 7 watermarble tool from

Pure Color #7 Watermarble Tool

white and gold is the perfect combination for summer. Fancy yet casual, great for parties or just a normal day.

Top 10 Best DIY Bathroom Projects

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Briar Rose and Accent Nail ~ base polish a-England 'Briar Rose' and accent nail using A-England 'Sleeping Palace' and 'Bridal Veil'. ~ by liloonailart

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Et encore des virgules .. et quelques nouveautés de la marque Pastel aussi :)

Really pretty amorphous yet symmetrical nail art - metallic silver, black, color…

38 Best Pink Nail Art Design For Summer 2015

Achieve a sophisticated and sensual look by adding a trend to a trend. Matte maroon nail polish works best on these elongated coffin nails. And then partner it off with a matte maroon and black ombre lips to complete the… Continue Reading →