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a barbie doll wearing a red dress with gold accents
Barbie Toys & Playsets | Mattel Shop
Barbie 2014 Holiday
the doll is in its box and has candy on it's back end,
Barbie Nutcracker - Tommy as Major Mint
a toy doll in a box with candy
Tommy as Colonel Candy - Nutcracker
the doll is in its box on the pink tablecloth and it looks like she's holding a candy cane
Kelly as Peppermint Girl - Nutcracker
a barbie doll standing on top of a pink surface with her hair in pigtails
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Disneys Esmeralda Doll
the doll is wearing a purple dress and holding a teddy bear
The Domain name BINBIN.NET is for sale!
Barbie Doll Island Princess Luciana
the doll is in its box and has a cat
Li'l Friends of Kelly
Kelly Club Melody