Eirini Kareklidou

Eirini Kareklidou

Eirini Kareklidou
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Chalki island, Rhodes, June 2012. The seaview from the house. Beautiful!

Chalki island, Rhodes, June The seaview from the house.

Just Faith...

At first, you are sad at the student having no answers. then you are rooting for the student. then, at the end, you learn the student was Einstein. Einstein was not the best example of a CHristian, so it alsmost numbs the victory.

Indoor plants

I know its to a flower but it'd fun anyway.the best, beautiful, almost no care, 1 branch will grow a new plant if put in water, in the background of most movie sets. whats not to luv!

Shelving idea for above toilet in small bathroom.

Loving the wire baskets for linens! Great use of space. Small bathnroom design with built-in shelves with backs of shelves painted black, wire baskets, ivory bath towels, wire & wood wastebasket and vintage bottles.

Mud Room

Mud Room - i like the floating bench idea, this way wet/snowy boots dont wreak the wood, they can sit on the cement floor or slide a tray under the bench to help collect water