Kalavryta, 1903 - Fred Boissonnas

Area of Kalavryta by Fred Boissonnas is a town and a municipality in the mountainous east-central part of the regional unit of Achaea,Greece.

by Fred Boissonnas Zemeno, Corinthia, Greece, 1903.

THESPROTIA-NEWS: Bouasona Fred - Frederic Boissonnas Zemeno Corinth, Fred and Daniel clink glasses with drivers of animals 1903

Grece, Corfu par Fr. Boissonas

Gastouri Corfu, the source of the Empress Elizabeth, 1903 - Frederic Boissonnas

Scène de danse rythmique à l’ institut Jacques Dalcroze: 6 filles dansant (Rythmic dance scene at the Jacques dalcroze institute: 6 girls dancing) Photographer: Frédéric Boissonas (Swiss , 1858-1919) Silver print, 15,6 x 22,3 cm France, 1913 (Visible at the Musée D’Orsay, Paris)

Frédéric Boissonnas, Rhythmic dance scene at the institute Jacques Dalcroze, 1913

Grece, 1901-1903, Fr. Boissonas

Post with 2529 views. Girl at the tap, Metsovo, Greece, by Fréderic Boissonnas 1913