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Eirini Meletaki

Eirini Meletaki
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Fungi ñ.ñ.

this is a mushroom mixed with a ballerina and the mushroom is made to look like it is the ballerinas tutu. everything in the image is black and white apart from the mushroom. the ballerina is out of proportion with the mushroom and the rest of the ground.

Link to app or downloadable list of genetically modified food products ... for those who would just as soon not have their liver eaten by science, thank you very much.

true food now website all about what is going on in the US in regards to food safety and genetically altered food i-must-eat-healthy- i-must-eat-healthy lovable-food foodstuff-i-love

Zapatista Mother Mexico

"Women With Rebel Dignity" is the title of this painting from Chiapas, Mexico that depicts a Zapatista mother and child in their autononimous community