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How to stay motivated, whatever your goal in life is, however small. Try & Perseverance

Everyone sets out to achieve a goal with sincere and deliberate intentions, however, along the journey it is easy for confidence to get knocked and motivation to fall – leading us more often than not to miss the target we have aimed for.

Understand how habits develop and how you can change a bad habit to a good one.

Learn how to stop a bad habit by replacing it with a good one using the cycle of habits as your guide. Stop you bad habits using this simple cycle.

Effective strategies for reframing negative thinking.

6 effective strategies for reframing your negative thoughts. Using positive thinking to overcome negative thinking and increase happiness and mental well being. An excerpt from SJ Scott and BArrie Davenport's book, DECLUTTER YOUR MIND. Dealing with ment

Growth Mindset Zone: Coaching a Growth Mindset

Some of the questions and comments on this chart are specifically about sports coaching, but it's easy to jiggle them for any kind of learn.