Ekate Kouki

Ekate Kouki

All that I see, hear, taste, smell, and touch are the creations of my mind. N.K
Ekate Kouki
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Dıy pebble art sweet pismire (gülen)

Dıy pebble art sweet pismire (gülen)

Hand painted chair for little girl, almost finished

Hand painted chair for little girl, almost finished Maybe a daisy instead of a sunburst?

Fairy lights around the bed :) Great idea for a little girls room, comfy,cozy for those bedtime stories. Little girls room? This would look great in my grown up room.

I could do this

Driftwood light, cute on a cabin porch

10561791_801237603287358_3522099248611683367_n.jpg (500×470)

Use ext'g driftwood & twig brackets to hang along fence. Add a centre hole to place a solar light(s)

Ethereal Nature Tattoos Inspired By Changing Seasons

culturenlifestyle: “ Dainty & Ethereal Floral Tattoos by Pis Saro Crimean tattoo artist Pis Saro illustrates exquisite floral tattoos inspired by nature. Ethereal, dainty and feminine, the tattoos appear as watercolor painting on the skin.

maxi + blazer combo

maxi + blazer combo for airport

{ belted lace }

An easy way to make lace work for day time Belted blazer

Yakuza tattoos. Wowowowow LOVE. <3 I used to want tattoos like this when I was a freshman in HS. Of course now I don't but I wouldn't mind looking at other people's Yakuza tats haha :)

japanese hannya mask back piece tattoo

From OldXian.