Eliza Kiosse
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Everyone deserves that one person who's willing to put you first and risk everything, just for a chance with you.

"I hope you find someone who will give you wings to soar and I hope this person decides to fly with you." I would travel across the ends of the Earth if you wanted me to. I sure as hell thought that I was that one person. Your person.

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It’s hard not to fall in love with someone when they see the mixed up parts of your soul. When they understand the darkest and dustiest corners of your mind. and they call because they know you’re not asleep.

All I can do is hope that when you close your eyes your mind is filled with thoughts of me

often, i picture us holding hands and watching movies, sitting on beaches beneath old oak trees, hearing you laugh throughout the day and catching you smile when you think i don't see. and all i can do is hope that whe

I miss that sometimes.

I liked her chaos. The way she blew into my life like a f*cking storm, tearing the walls and windows out of my soul and opening me to the sky.

r.m. drake

YES! then, she began to breathe and live and every moment took her to a place where she is in love. But not in love with someone, she's in love with life and every moment is a new moment to discover and everything is inspiring and full of wonder.

christopher poindexter

"I drank her silence like liquor and it destroyed me the same, but I fell for all of her, hopelessly and endlessly. My soul will always be lifted when she walks into the room and my blood will dance when her breath passes through me.