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a church steeple in the middle of a snowy park with trees and lights on it
Hillsborough Parish Church, Ireland
a man is standing in the rain with his arms up as he holds an umbrella
A Week of Furious Protest in Turkey
A Week of Furious Protest in Turkey - In Focus - The Atlantic
an old wooden church in the middle of a grassy area with tombstones and crosses
Borgund Stavkyrkje
Borgund Stavkyrkje , Norway
a bridge over a body of water with buildings in the background and foggy sky
River Bridge, Bern, Switzerland
an aerial view of a green hillside with small huts on the side and a stream running through it
Spring Hillside, Cantabria, Spain
the full moon is seen over an old castle on top of a hill in winter
Friday Bits…
Peeking behind Alps and the Sacra di San Michele
an old train yard with abandoned trains in the foreground
Częstochowa, Poland's abandoned train depot
an old water wheel in the middle of a forest with stairs leading up to it
Abandoned Blade Mill, France
an old building with snow on the ground and trees in the backgrouds
15th century monastery in the Black Forest in Germany
an old house on the edge of a cliff
El Hotel del salto - Colombia
the night sky is filled with stars and snow as well as trees in the foreground
ohh, how lovely finland can be ? Mikko Lagerstedt
a blackboard with white writing that says photographers are violent people first they frame you, then they shoot you, then hang you on the wall
true...hahaha :)
a red fox sticking its tongue out in front of a window with rain drops on it
Julie Milne