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several square pieces of bread with tomatoes and cheese on them sitting on a piece of parchment paper
Tomato Tartlets with Puff Pastry
Tomato Tartlets with Puff Pastry are a flaky, cheesy appetizer, brunch treat, or snack made in just 30 minutes. Each bite is a medley of flaky puff pastry, creamy ricotta, Italian herbs, and juicy tomatoes. Make individual tartlets or one large tart to be sliced and shared at your next party.
two tickets are sitting on a table next to some candles and other items for a zoo birthday party
Zoo Birthday Party Invitation, Zoo Ticket Invitation, Zoo Party Ideas
a cardboard box with an image of a lion on it next to some candy balls
“Wild One” games
several small bags with animals on them are sitting on a table next to each other
a wooden box filled with lots of different types of birthday candles next to a card
Jungle Animal Birthday Party | Kara's Party Ideas