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four different images of the same person in black and white, one with his eyes closed
Malec || Shadowhunters cast || Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr || Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane
the twilight saga is shown in two different languages, and it looks like they are going to
100+ Best 'Shadowhunters' Quotes: "All the legends are true." | Scattered Quotes
Quote from Shadowhunters 3x11 | Magnus Bane: She's right behind the door. Alec Lightwood: So I can't kiss my boyfriend? Magnus Bane: Oh, you know how we get. | #Shadowhunters #Malec #AlecLightwood #MagnusBane #Quotes
the faces of two men with different facial expressions, one is making a funny face
We’ve waited long enough I can’t wait to see their place ••• #aleclightwood #magnusbane #claryfairchild #izzylightwood #jaceherondale…
Malec + First Time
two different pictures with the same person in each photo and one has an open shirt on
Get back together
the many faces of harry potter in harry potter's movie, which has been written on
Alec's smile when he realized Magnus was jealous😍😍😉
MALEC (FOUR SHOT) + ESPECIALES - ★Especial Delantal★
#wattpad #fanfic Magnus está celoso de la estrecha relación que mantienen Jace y Alec por lo que decide cortar por lo sano y mostrarle a su amado chico de ojos azules lo que significa ser "el amado de Magnus Bane".
Matthew Daddario as Alec Lightwood on Shadowhunters
until you came along