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Gracie Gold..my daughter & I couldn't figure out why we knew the name & face. turns out Gracie and her sister started skating in Springfield, MO. where my daughter also took lessons!!!

Portrait of Team USA Gracie Gold during USOC Media Summit photo shoot at Grand Summit Hotel.

Disney Prince and Princess the beautiful Meryl Davis and Charlie White. (Also Olympic Champions)

Portrait of Team USA ice dancing athletes Meryl Davis and Charlie White during USOC Media Summit photo shoot at Grand Summit Hotel.


Inspiring picture ballerina, ballet, black and white, dance, girl. Find the picture to your taste!

Feeling stuck - spinning your wheels & going nowhere. Desire for change & new horizons. Memories, emotions & unresolved issues hold you back.

Lonely side of "Alone". could use suitcase- old looking. could get a photo of girl sitting on side of the road in the rain on the suitcase (without umbrella!) with wet hair to show that she's alone and no ones helping her?

Love the Rain.

Love this music video! Such an artsy thing to use the Sparks and silhouette in the Picture to Burn music video by Taylor Swift!

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Autumn daydream, with, of course, a book. Listen closely and you can hear me longing for how much I want to read on that swing.


Always wanted to try using one of these styles of headbands. PIN UP Headband ROCKABILLY Wired Fabric Dolly Bow Chevron via Etsy