Eleftheria V.

Eleftheria V.

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Eleftheria V.
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TRUEST. THING. EVER. Btw my mo was like " maggie never talks about boys" my best friend goes. SHE TALKS ABOUT ANDY BIERSACK ALOT and I just shook my head and laughed XD

But I convinced my parents to take me to the Three Days Grace concert that happens on April Sooooo happy!

Honestly, I think that they kept us all alive when we had nothing to live for. We are the MCRmy nobody on this earth can take that away from us.<<

Coming from one of the biggest My Chemical Romance fans My Chemical Romance broke up, but we shouldn't be sad. They gave us angelic music while the were together, and ill never forget how much they've impacted my life. Part of the MCRmy forever.

*dying crying sobbing hiccuping sniffling feeling crushed* OMG WHAT

*dying crying sobbing hiccuping sniffling feeling crushed* OMG WHAT<<<my heart. Please Gerard!

Roses are red, The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, to keep me from screaming, I literally bit my knee

Me and my dad

My dad literally looked at me once and was like "You're not a boy" and I was like "Ya know, I honestly don't care" <-- hahahahaha

Why does this make me sad

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