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Olga Eleftheriadou

Olga Eleftheriadou
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Coloring for adults - Kleuren voor volwassenen

Saker Falcon study by on Pencil study of a Saker falcon.This drawing featured in the 2011 book drawing and painting birds by Tim Wootton.

Moon Howling Wolf Dream Catcher (Hand Made) by TheInnerCat on DeviantArt

TheInnerCat's Moon Howling Wolf Dream Catcher The Charm has the Moon, Wolf and a feather on the side. The pattern on the dream catcher symbolizes the moon's rays shining down ======================.

°Navaho DreamCatcher by MariMagsha ~ Купить Ловец снов "Навахо" - коричневый, ловец снов, ловец сновидений, ловец снов оберег

°Navaho DreamCatcher by MariMagsha ~ Kupitь Lovec snov "Nаvаho" - koričnevый, lovec snov, lovec snovideniй, lovec snov obereg

Dream Catcher Keychain by https://SoulMakes.com Boho Dream Catchers

This stunning dream catcher keychain is handmade with leather lace, two beautiful feathers hanging down and has a little nugget of vibrant turquoise woven in. This is the perfect accessory for the