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a pink vending machine sitting on top of a white floor next to a mirror
Benefit to Launch Airport Beauty Kiosks
Love this display idea
several lights are hanging on the wall above some stairs
Lighting by PSLAB for India Mahdavi Architecture and Design on Les Alycamps, Arles.
some white lights hanging from the ceiling in a room
Home - Studio Segers
Houses | Product | Studio Segers
a black lamp hanging from the ceiling in front of a brick wall with lights on it
joseph arzuaga
a light that is hanging from a wire on the ceiling with a ring around it
a light bulb is attached to a rope on top of a rock by the ocean
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Driftwood lamp with rope. Home decor. Bulb by Glighthouse on Etsy
several different colored stools and tables on the floor
KIPU Upholstered fabric pouf By Lapalma | design Anderssen & Voll
Upholstered fabric #pouf KIPU KIPU Collection by Lapalma | #design Torbjørn Anderssen, Espen Voll
three clear glass orbs hanging from a ceiling
BOLLE SOLA - Suspended lights from Gallotti&Radice | Architonic
Bolle Sola | lighting
two lamps that are next to each other on a shelf in a room with black walls
Get Amazed with The Lighting Designs of Aqua Creations 2008 – Modern Home Decor
Amazing aqua lamps
a large light hanging from the ceiling in an empty room with no one around it
KiBiSi Knot | Hanging Lamps | woont - love your home
Knot Lamp by KiBiSi
an empty room with wooden floors and pictures on the wall, in front of glass partitions
NTEC Product Gallery & Lounge by Nakano Design Office