Eleftheria Menidiath

Eleftheria Menidiath

Eleftheria Menidiath
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Finfolk Productions

This one reminds me of my cousin Brandon (flames and blue fire and Greek fire) spent prob working on coloring this with the color fashion app(all the tails on this board basically) longest one ever but one of my favs

This would be my dream tail! LOVE the natural colors!

Full silicone tail by Mermaid Raven of Merbella Studios Inc. Inspired by "She Creature". I love Raven From Merbella Studios Inc. She is so frikin talented!

Tiki Mermaid Digital Art by Runswithwind.

Sensationally gorgeous and over-the-top, beauty of a mermaid. So life-like, it could b a photo of a woman added to this mermaid photo to meet equally to b real-looking, or make a real pic look fake, IDK?