Eleftheria Tsochatzi

Eleftheria Tsochatzi

Eleftheria Tsochatzi
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White Bold Striped Glass Window Film

White Bold Striped patterned privacy Window Film is ideal for privacy on internal window and partitions. This patterned privacy window film has a scratch resistant coating.

Front Door Glass Window Film

Comtemporary House With Double Door Using Artscape Window Film Window Sticker Home Depot Glass Window Decor Window Film Company Window Film Insulation Stained Glass Window Film Insulating

Frosted Film from The Window Film Company

Frostbrite frosted window films are available to buy online for DIY installation in your home or office. Frosted Window Films are suitable all types of glass windows for privacy and patterned decoration.

art deco style bathrooms - Google Search

I don't want THIS window, BUT in the library, I can have a sheer window/wall with a scrim or chiffon that is a "wall" for Chevely to hide behind. We can put it in the frame, and paint the fabric, so we don't have to use a jig saw