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Love this idea! I'll have to swap out the 16th notes though, my beginners haven't learned them yet.

Beths Music Notes: Rhythm games - good way to not have to change 10 sets of dice!

Kodaly Rhythm Symbols, a system of music education for children that includes singing, ear training, solfeggio, rhythmic movement, and improvisation -- developed by Hungarian composer, Zoltan Kodaly, to achieve the goal of music literacy.

Kodaly rhythm syllables - including dotted rhythms and simple syncopation

carrying the weight of the world

✧//Rita//✧ "the golden light shines down on your figure in a gentle caress from above. The gods awe at your existence. Born from a garden of roses you were the most exquisite flower to grace the gardens of Eden"

Classic violence. on We Heart It

Sights and Strangers // Sculpted Photography

#Marble #sculpture by #sculptor Edward Fleming titled: '1234 (Clasped Lovers Hands Carved marble statue)'. #EdwardFleming

Calm Love and Affection Sculptures or by Edward Fleming titled: (Clasped Lovers Hands Carved marble statue)'.

Immagine di art, museum, and statue

art, greek and classic image on We Heart It

poseidon, statue, and god image

Poseidon / Neptune sculpture in Copenhagen Port, Denmark

icarus was curious

Mimmo Jodice, Alba Fucens Angizia, from Figure del mare (Figures From The Sea), 2008

ganymedesrocks: “monkeastman: “ Alba Fucens Angizia, 2008 “ shot by Mimmo Jodice ” ” Alba Fucens, ancient Roman city at the base of Monte Velino (Province of Aquila), is an archaeological jewel that.


the skin that you're in is all soft now - a roman bust conundrum