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for the brushes

My Naked Face: Brush Drying Use hair ties and a towel rack to hang brushes upside down to dry after cleaning - simple and GENIUS!

20 Interesting Step By Step Nail Designs

Gold Leaf Manicure Important Tip! Don't use the gold leaf available at craft stores, because they contain toxic impurities and you don't want to accidentally inhale or ingest them! Use cosmetic or edible grade gold leaf instead.

My Watermelon nails received a very warm reception when I posted them a few days back so I’m back with a tutorial for the look. I’ve seen so many takes on watermelon nails which is what inspired me to do… View Post


Every woman longs for strong, thick, long, and awesome eyelashes. Do you also want to add a “Wow” factor to your eyelashes? But, fake eyelashes are not the way to get impressive eyes. You should try home remedies to realize.


6 Inspiring Girls Weight Loss Transformations Under 6 Months. Our intention of putting together this page was to somehow hoping to motivate you with real p

gingerbreadmanne ♥: 5 minutes nail polish removal tutorial

Best ever method of removing nail polish. Rip up cotton balls into little pieces, wet with nail polish remover and place on nails. Leave on minutes, take another cotton piece and slide the wet cotton off. Nail polish should come off in one piece.