Dónde Esta Santa Claus?

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a white and orange cat laying on top of a wooden post in the snow with its eyes closed
Going in for a kiss be like.
a deer is seen through a window in the snow
34 Cases Of This Could Only Happen In Canada
a young deer is chewing on a candy cane while being held by someone's hand
❄️🎄Christmas deer❤️✨
a black cat sitting on top of a couch with christmas lights around it's neck
a decorated christmas tree sitting in the middle of a living room next to a stair case
Christmas Decorating Ideas
a man sitting in front of a fire place next to a christmas tree and phone
a cat sitting on top of a wine bottle being held by someone's hand
the cat is looking up at the christmas tree
I'm not too sure about this...
the town is covered in snow and lit up at night with lights shining on it
Christmas in Nuuk by Vagn Hansen / 500px