•Çäståway ėłëñ•

•Çäståway ėłëñ•

//May we never lose our wonder//
•Çäståway ėłëñ•
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ma boys

From this pic I've gathered: Cal is peeing with his award dick, Luke is catching the pee in his mouth, Mikey is cupping the balls of the award and Ash is showing how big the award dick is. WHY DO I LOVE THESE IDIOTS?

BABY 5SOS AWWWWWW<< my life is better now<<<Doesn't really look like luke

BABY AWWWWWW<< my life is complete now<<< They are so ADORABLE>> my whole heart just burst with rainbow unicorn happiness<<luek is sooo cute thou

Lol sorry for the language... It's too funny to not re-pin

haters need to give me a valid reason as to why they hate this band.I’ll wait

5 seconds of summer, 5sos, ashton, ashton irwin, calum

aww Mikey's face is so cute too<<< OMG yeah guys we should come up with ideas what they should name the puppy.<<<I think the puppy's name should be summer get it? 5 seconds of SUMMER

Happy one year of the piece of art known as the JBH Music Video. #1yearofJetBlackHeartMV

I like how we all call them by their first names it just cool. I was talking to my sister and we were like "so I heard Luke broke up with his girlfriend " and I was like "aw is he ok ?


Mikey is pretty beastmode. Luke on the other hand is definitely a cinnamon roll xD