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Star Wars (Main Theme) Sheet Music in C Major for Chromanotes Boomwhackers and Deskbells

For brett to play: Star Wars (Main Theme) Free Sheet Music in C Major for Chromanotes, Boomwhackers, piano, and Deskbells! Teach your padawan with our preschool music lesson!

Great video of a version of #bucketdrumming and use of #rhythmsticks. Could even be fun to incorporate for #earthday!

Pice of Orff concert of my Orff group - BeatKaBand - Bum Trash Symphony I used to be in a group called Orffians. We never thought to use trash cans as xylophone stands and instruments.

Broom Jam... STOMP Jr. !!! Kids about... Gr. 5/6/ 7... ? Broom // Dust pan routine.

Haude Elementary Percussion Ensemble playing a percussion piece written by Lamar Burkhalter. We shot this video in the production warehouse of Jarvis Industr.

Piano bench promoting the Liszt Museum on Andrassy Avenue in Budapest, Hungary.

Piano bench promoting the Ferenc Liszt Museum on the Avenue Andrassy, Budapest, Hungary.

Professor Owl takes class through a basic history of music, from cavemen times to present day, explaining the four archetypes and how they work together to create pleasant sounds presented unedited and in its original Academy Award Winning Cinemascope.

Walt Disney - Toot, Whistle, Plunk And Boom - 1953 "The Study of Musical Instruments" - I remember watching this in general music with Mr.