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love this print :) for the kitchen
Heart of the Magdalene
In Egyptian religion, Hathor was a predynastic goddess who embodied love, the sky, and fertility. Hathor was a cow-goddess, depicted as a cow, a cow-headed woman, or a woman with a cow's horns and ears. She was known as the Golden One, Lady of Love, Music and Intoxication, and her main cult centre was at Dendera.  Philippe Caza.           "Hathor ” 1983
Nature is not only aristocratic, she is also esoteric. Yet no man of understanding will thereby be induced to make a secret of what he knows, for he realizes only too well that the secret of psychic development can never be betrayed, simply because that development is a question of individual capacity.
Carl Jung Depth Psychology: Anima and Animus
mary magdalene and the red egg jungcurrents
The mystical experience
Mother Earth, Woman, Goddess, Sphinx