Spinalonga Bay, Crete, Greece

Spinalonga Bay, Crete, Greece looks beautiful! We wanna travel here for some major relaxing! The water is blue and the weather looks amazing with no clouds in sight!

VISIT GREECE| Samaria Gorge #Greece #Crete

The Samarian Gorge in Crete starts at the crest of the White mountains and it descends to a beautiful pebbled beach. Will NEVER forget this 18 kilometre hike! Have to watch EVERY single step you take!

traditional fold clothing ... Cretan, Greece ... mom spins her sweet little girl wearing the same costume ...

Enjoy Cretan dances especially in local celebration on August The famous "panigiria"

Lefka Ori - White Mountains Crete The landscape that made me fall in love with Crete. I wanna go hiking here one day.

The Lefka Ori or White Mountains are in Chania prefecture in the west of the island of Crete in Greece.