Cool DIY bracelets that you can make !! ;)

Embellished Wrap Bracelets

DIY wrap bracelet with beads and cording. A quick gift idea for those hard to get have everything types. Just braid 3 cords & add a bead. Hmm what color?

floral bottles

etching cream on the right, with someone who knows how to paint flowers, or use decoupage to decorate.

Decoupage bottles

I love doing this, espec. using crackle paint/glaze! There are so many interesting shaped bottles, a quick soak takes label off and I coat once with gesso, no matter what the finished color.

Декор предметов Моделирование конструирование декор бутылочки Бутылки стеклянные Ткань Фарфор холодный фото 1

The vase project. Wrap for texture than add embellishments

Stan Miller.

✿Fragrant Scent Of Roses✿ Stan Miller

Driftwood: Raw Beauty Waiting To Be Discovered |

Driftwood: Raw Beauty Waiting To Be Discovered - Bored Art

John William Waterhouse

John William Waterhouse: The Shrine - 1895 - Keep finding more John Waterhouse Art that I like !

vintage Easter baby chicks

A Swingin' Chick ~ Vintage Easter Card

How to Decoupage Furniture with Napkins a Table

DIY Decoupage Furniture with Napkins

light pink roses

Dear Joyce, A beautiful Rose Painting for a beautiful Lady. I hope you can find a nice spot to hang it.

Joseph Bail - Still life, oil on canvas, 1887. (French, 1862-1921)

Still Life Claude Joseph Bail - 1887

How to hollow out and clean a Lightbulb - to reuse for other projects - by John Kittelsrud, via Flickr #HowTo #LightBulb †å

DIY Hollow Out A Light Bulb. I have seen light bulbs used as other things and always wondered how to do that.this is a tutorial on how to clean out the light bulb

Driftwood painting by Valériane Leblond

Driftwood painting by Valériane Leblond

Manualidades y artesanias en metal: Repujado sobre metal. Alternativa de trabajo. - YouTube

julissa fernandez shared a video

Llanw uchel by Valériane Leblond, via Flickr

Llanw uchel by Valériane Leblond, medium- paint on wood. This piece was just sort of different and that's why i chose it.

Hardanger with cross stitch

Hardanger with cross stitch and instructions. Vainicas con punto de cruz e instrucciones.