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Reconstruction of part of relief fresco of an elaborate dress from Pseira, Found in Yphantiki kai Yphantres sto Proistoriko Aigaio, Crete University Press, pg 229

The Stream of Time: The Minoans: Fashion - fabric pattern detail from Pseira fresco

Fresco of Landscape with blue Monkeys, Akrotiri Thera - Santorini, Greece

monkeys au bon vieux temps :) Landscape with blue monkeys, a fresco from Akrotiri (Santorini), or ancient Thera, Greece

minoans - les anciens habitants de l'île de Santorin qui a inspiré Platon et donné naissance à son dialogue sur la destruction de l'Atlantide.

Minoan: Women wear exposed bodices, aprons, and their flared/ruffled skirts; Men wear wrapped skirts with tassel, perizoma, T-shaped tunics with decorative bands.

- Human sacrifice of Anemospilia sanctuary (Photoshop 2013) Paper "Urban and Extra-Urban Cult Buildings in the Aegean World" from Conference of Wien. The illustration gives an idea of the “hu...

Clitennestra by Panaiotis female witch sorceress wizard sorcerer druid shaman…

Minoan warriors with libyan prisoners in the city of Akrotiri on the island of Santorini, before a volcano blew half the island into the air. 1600 BC Bronze Age - art by Giuseppe Rava

controlled sea lanes to maintain security for the empire. Minoans also were famous for religious bull dancing (See Additional Picture). The women wore open-front, fancy dresses and Often congregated in palace