Calzas cortas y remeras con la cara de algún famoso o con frases particulares. En este caso Martin LutherKing.

Axl wearing a MLK shirt. Just because he said “nigger” in One In A Million doesn't make him a racist.

Axl Rose Steven Tyler!

Axl Rose 'Guns n' Roses' / Steven Tyler 'Aerosmith' I want this as a poster soooooo bad

Axl Rose

Okay, Guns N' Roses maybe over rated which I think they are. Sorry Axl, don't hurt me! But I have to respect them cause they made some good music! And as we all know, Axl Rose is notorious for his.

Axl - guns-n-roses Photo

Wallpaper and background photos of Axl for fans of Guns N' Roses images.