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White polka dot bridal blusher with a big silk bow by Joliejye, €49.90
elegant gold and mauve lilac gray wedding colors
mauve,pink and grey wedding color ideas
First Birthday Outfit Girl One 1st Birthday Girl by BespokedCo
Pink and Gold Baby Shower Decorations  First Birthday Party Decorations Baby Shower Centerpiece Half Pint Painted Milk Bottles by HalfPintPMB on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/235478767/pink-and-gold-baby-shower-decorations
White with Gold Polka Dots, Gold and White Distressed Mason Jars, Gold Baby Shower, Gold Wedding, Nursery Decor, Rustic Centerpieces by MyHeartByHand on Etsy
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dark blue,peach and soft green garden wedding colors
Blush pink and Navy blue are also a great choice for weddings because you have a nice balance between the masculine and the feminine.
Coral and navy blue wedding ideas http://www.theperfectpalette.com/2014/05/pretty-palette-navy-blue-and-coral.html