Eleni Merkouriadou
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SAMPLE PAGE FROM: KID CODES: Expected vs. Unexpected Activity For Promoting Good Friendships  These are fun and engaging activities to do with children who can benefit from practicing good friendship behaivors. Two sets of cards were made to appeal to both older and younger children. This is a great way to start a new school year or new group. Lots of fun. Kids really enjoy doing this. When not in use, the chart makes a great visual to keep up on your bulletin board.
great for addition and subtraction
Number recognition, addition, subtraction, multiplication
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Fry facts for decomposing numbers!
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Interactive activities
Valentine's Day Equivalent Fractions Activity. Great for 3rd- 5th graders the week of Valentine's Day! $1.50
Fractions - good to start with perhaps, then move on to more complex illustrations of fractions (beyond the pie model)