This is so my dog

Just a little further…


It's so funny when dogs or kids do this kind of things. We all occupied and they find out it's time to cuddle n_n Daddys Little Helpers

I can't look at this and not smile.

My weiner-dog turned 12 today! Reddit meet Schnitzel and his bday gift.

You go dog haha

Just because I can…

This is hilarious. The vet said I wouldn't live to see Today I turned so I pooped on my vet's lawn. I'm wearing an octopus on my head because I can.

Lol, this is my dog for sure

You Better Move On…

"Well it's not going to throw itself!", French Bulldog Puppy who's ready to play.

Most patient dog. ever.

Self control - level: expert Ha ha, poor dog! I don't even have that level of self control.


Content dog is content…

Funny pictures about He's So Happy To Be In The Swing. Oh, and cool pics about He's So Happy To Be In The Swing. Also, He's So Happy To Be In The Swing photos.


When are you coming home? My dog used to sit on the stairs and look out the window, waiting for us to come home.

Dog house tutorial

DIY Dog House With Shade Porch Plans; A Good Dog House: Is large enough to fit your dog comfortably, they must be able to turn arou.

The most patient dog in the world!

Do you love pit bull dogs as your pet? If yes here are the Information's, pictures, training and video's about pit bull dogs breeds.

Don't know who's more patient, the dog or the butterfly!

Butterfly and Golden Retriever. I think my heart just exploded. He is shocked and cross eyed over that butterfly. so cute

dog bowls

Smart way to keep dog bowls out of the way.I thinks that my dogs would miss pushing the bowls around the floor. My poodles would probably close the drawer and the Kelpie would pull it out of the cabinet when the bowls are empty!