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Going platinum is seriously hot right now, but achieving this highly coveted color is tricky. The number one question? Which toner do you use? We got the secret from Zach Mesquit.

Cute Rabbit

I love bunnies with open mouths. This bunny has an open mouth AND wild hair. <- Ha ha, you should see my rabbit. I named it Bowser because of the little tuff of hair on top of his head.

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Wanted : une paire de New Balance gris/noir >> http://www.taaora.fr/blog/post/baskets-new-balance-996-femme-coloris-gris-noir

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New Balance Shoes - IN SEARCH OF Rose Gold and Gunmetal Sneakers 574

New Balance 574 Grey & Gold WOMEN Used for a couple of times. I used to love them at first but I replaced them for the Nike Pegasus More pictures upon request.